A Message from the Association

A quick note to provide an update on what the APRCWA Board has been working on lately and what to watch for in the upcoming months.

The Board Continues to meet, virtually via web conference, to keep working on the initiatives that have been mentioned in the Board Updates, emailed out to the Membership. We have been advised the filming for the “Suspicious Reporting” informational video, which will add to the set of Videos, will be starting soon.This Video will showcase the benefits of reporting suspicious activity, for the RCMP, for the Community and how all this contributes to crime prevention in your area.There will also be a couple of trailer videos- short 30 sec videos- on topics that will be used in our on-line marketing campaign for crime prevention. The Member Map, on the website, is also being updated so watch for this to take place.The Poster Calendar will be going to print soon and these will be ready for distribution in August-September.

With the COVID 19 onset and the requirement for Social Distancing, the Board has taken a look at the way we are doing business and shifting to a more on-line presence and activity.While this started before COVID 19, with the upgrade to the Website, the on-line store for ordering signs and supplies, and now the Blog, we are continuing to research ways to communicate and update the Members.We are working on increasing our communication, to the Membership, with summaries of the Board meetings being emailed to the Membership and encourage you to connect with us should you need support, have a question or are looking for resources.We continue to respond to requests for information, and support at the APRCWA email of aprcwa(at)ruralcrimewatch.ab.ca and as well, have now set up individual email addresses for the Zone Directors, to be able to support and respond to requests in their respective areas.If you need to contact your Zone Director, please email aprcwa(at)ruralcrimewatch.ab.ca and your request will be directed to them

We are excited to be working with new Communities, throughout the Province, that are interested in starting a Rural Crime Watch Association in their area; we also wish to welcome our new Members to the group. The Rural Crime Watch program is successful when the Community is involved and its residents are being not only the Eyes and Ears for RCMP and other Law Enforcement Agencies, but also for each other and building strong neighborhoods.You don’t have to be a nosey neighbor to be a good neighbor.Knowing the rhythms of your Community and neighborhood and taking notice when something “doesn’t fit” is important.

We are also happy to see so many Albertans taking advantage of the Crime Reporting APP, which is downloadable form the APRCWA Web site.This APP provides the RCMP non –emergency phone numbers for all RCMP Detachments in Alberta in a matter of 3 clicks.If you haven’t checked it out, go to the website and take a look.

COVID 19 had brought out the creativity for SCAMS and other criminal activity.Everything from Spoof CRA texts saying your money is ready to deposit to callers posing as AHS workers to say prescriptions are ready and looking for your credit card information. While more of us are at home, we are still hearing of break and enters and vehicle thefts, etc. occurring. Be ever diligent in your routines to secure your property now as before.

Be Safe and Be watchful.


Rosemary Lindsay

Vice President


May 03, 2020