The Eyes and Ears of Rural Alberta
Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association will be leaders in crime prevention by building relationships through promotion, community involvement and identifying future needs with effective communication and promotion.
Getting Involved
Never in history, has community, meant more then it does now, and successful crime prevention takes the entire community to be engaged, for no one should know your communities better then us. The security of rural communities has traditionally been the tight relationships between neighbours and the recognition of strangers in the area. Rural Crime Watch formalizes this relationship, with the RCMP, and gets neighbours talking about things happening around them. Being aware is a huge contribution to personal and community security.
Mission Statement
Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association will strive to promote rural crime prevention through communication, programs and support.
Vision Statement
We believe that we will only be successful when we earn the trust of each of us on the Board and our members through consistently fulfilling their needs and keeping our promises.

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