Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods

What is SCAN?

Suspicious activity happening in a nearby property that points to drug trafficking, gangs or other crimes can make neighbourhoods feel unsafe. However, many Alberta residents are uncertain of how to properly and safely handle problem residential or commercial properties. SCAN (Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods) is a unit under the Alberta Sheriffs that works to make communities more secure. As a resource for communities across Alberta, the unit begins investigations based on citizen tips and works in partnership with residents to increase safety.

Reporting suspicious properties through SCAN:

  • Improves community safety.
  • Empowers citizens.
  • Targets properties, not individuals.
  • Holds property owners accountable for activities on their properties.

The SCAN unit works to target problem properties that are being used for specific illegal activities such as:

  • Drug trafficking.
  • Prostitution.
  • Child exploitation.
  • Gang-related crime.
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How does SCAN work?

The unit begins an investigation when a problem property is reported to SCAN. The SCAN unit first confirms illegal activity happens at the residential or commercial property. This unit uses civil legislation to target properties, not individuals. Any criminal activity uncovered when dealing with these properties is turned over to the police to investigate.

Investigators start off by contacting the property owner to try and solve the problem informally.

If that is unsuccessful, SCAN will apply to the courts for a Community Safety Order (CSO). This order calls for the property owners to meet a set list of conditions; if they cannot meet these conditions the property will be closed for up to 90 days.

Make a Report

To report a suspicious property*, visit the SCAN webpage


Or call toll-free at 1-866-960-SCAN (7226)

*All reports are confidential.