Protect Your Property & Yourself From Crime

Property Crime & Personal Safety

Crimes may occur a lot closer to home than you think. Your house and vehicles can be targets of criminals. Alberta has the fourth-highest rate of household victimization of property crimes in Canada. But it isn’t just your property that is in danger. Your personal safety is at risk as well. 

Often, property crimes are a means to an end and are committed to help fund organized crime and drug use. If criminals see an easy target, they will be more likely to take action. The way to prevent property and personal crimes is to make it appear that it will be harder for criminals to target you, your home or your vehicles. 

But you shouldn’t have to live in fear. Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch has the latest tactics to reduce the chance of property crime from occurring and improve your personal safety.

Protect Your Homes & Properties

Your homes, vacation houses and shops are all potential marks for criminals. There is a wealth of contents, such as tools, jewelry and firearms, to fund other crimes. There are steps you can take, inside and out of your structures, to make your properties less appealing to criminals. This is accomplished through initiatives such as CPTED. The more trouble you can make for criminals, the less likely they are to target you. 

Prevent Vehicle Theft

Vehicle theft is on the rise in Alberta. Vehicles, in particular pickup trucks, are the targets of criminals either as a mode to commit other crimes or to sell them off. 

While it may seem easier to leave your vehicle unlocked as you run into the store or to leave your keys in the ignition as you warm it up, you are creating an opportunity for criminals. 40% of all stolen vehicles have the keys in them, or the keys are accessible. Learn how you can keep your vehicles, gas tanks, and vehicle parts safe.

Personal Safety

Violent crimes such as robberies, homicides and sexual assaults have seen a significant rise. Knowing how to keep yourself safe through personal security measures is incredibly important, whether you are targeted by a stranger or a domestic partner. Personal security involves taking steps to keep yourself safe from situations that are potentially violent or criminal. Property and items can be replaced, but you are irreplaceable.