Youth Resources

Children and teens have a lot to deal with. They are exposed to bullying, peer pressure and drugs. Some youths also have to manage their own mental health and thoughts of suicide. It is important for them and the adults in their lives to remain knowledgeable about these issues and how to address them. By knowing how to address bullying, drugs and mental health, you can be better equipped to help them.

The Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch and our partners are sharing some resources to help youths and guardians take a stand against bullying, drug use, mental health stigma, and suicide. We are also sharing some signs to be aware of and how to address these issues experienced by pre-teens and teens.


Because young people and teens can be easily influenced by drug use, the adults in their lives must remain proactive about preventing drug abuse. Remain aware of any changes in behaviour and the relationships in their lives, as it may indicate they are abusing drugs.

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With emails, social media and other platforms on the Internet, bullying has become something that youths cannot find reprieve from and they cannot keep hidden. Their cell phones and devices go everywhere with them, and so does the harassment.

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Mental Health

There is so much that pre-teens and teens have to worry about - school, relationships, and changing appearances. And now there is more pressure on children and youths with society being influenced more and more by the Internet.

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Suicide Prevention

Because children and teens experience so much pressure, such as dealing with rejection, relationships, school and family issues they can be susceptible to thoughts about suicide.

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Youth Hub

There is a community that is here to support youths. This is your hub of resources to support children & teens.

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