Property & Personal Safety Tips

The safety of our community is a priority for Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch. With the increase in crime across the province, we, along with our partners, want to provide our neighbours with the resources to stay safe. Through initiatives like Lock It or Lose It, Project Lock Up, and more, a wealth of crime prevention knowledge and support is available.

With criminals targeting your vehicles, homes and equipment, you need to be prepared. The best way to do this is to be prepared and take preventative action. Read more on auto safety, home safety, and horse tack theft. As well as, there is information on how to make an effective incident report and why it is so important for police officers and your community to report any suspicious or criminal activity.

Personal Safety

Take action to keep your property and your well-being safe with crime prevention tips from Alberta Rural Crime Watch.

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Home Safety

Do you lock your doors, close your windows and ensure a light is on? These are all simple ways to keep your home safe and there are more crime prevention techniques available here.

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Auto Safety

Many vehicle thefts are crimes of opportunity. Learn how you can ensure your vehicle is safe from criminals.

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Project Lock Up

Law enforcement and crime prevention groups work with victims of property crime to help them prevent any further break and entry or thefts.

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Incident Reporting

Reporting a crime has a bigger impact than you think. Not only can you prevent a crime in progress, but you could also contribute to future crime prevention initiatives.

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Horse Tack

Tack identification helps to deter theft and improves the chances of your stolen property from being returned.

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Safety Hub

Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch has the latest tips to reduce the chance of property crime from occurring and improve your personal safety.

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