About Us

The Rural Crime Watch program, as we know it, began in 1978 supported by four local Associations: The Alberta Cattle Commission, the Western Stock Growers’ Association, the Farmers Advocate, and the RCMP. The program was initially called the Range Patrol, and were established to provide additional “eyes and ears” for the RCMP, whereby these groups organized vehicle patrols in an effort to identify and record suspicious vehicle and human activity in rural. Over time, however, Range Patrol drew a negative image in the Media so the program was renamed “Alberta Rural Crime Watch”. Local Associations developed throughout the Province, during these early years; some of which still carrying the Range Patrol reference in their names.

Prior to 1993, Rural Crime Watch Associations were not linked by a provincial body; in 1993 it was decided a province wide umbrella group was needed to support and enhance crime prevention so a committee was formed to produce bylaws and policies. On March 19, 1995, the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association (APRCWA) received official recognition as a Society and the APRCWA Organization has become a supportive Organization for Member Associations.

The focus of the Rural Crime Watch program still provides the extra “eyes and ears” for the RCMP, however the focus has changed. The focus is now promoting Crime Prevention through awareness, education and encouraging reporting of suspicious activity when observed.

The scope of the Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association has expanded. Member Associations are now concentrating their efforts on farmstead, acreage and rural property security, property identification and general rural crime awareness. Patrol activities are not as frequent, and the "Report A Poacher" program has been included in the Rural Crime Watch Association's activities.

The Rural Crime Watch Program was designed to reduce the incidence of crime in all rural areas and to create a more thorough understanding and awareness of the laws. It is completely voluntary involving all rural residents working in cooperation with their local RCMP detachments.


As with the APRCWA History, the “Rural Crime Watch” Logo also has a history and has evolved over time. At the time of the formal formation of the APRCWA, “new logo” was designed to incorporate the Charter Partners that had and continue to be a part of the Rural Crime Watch Program, today. The APRCWA Logo, as we know it today was developed around the same time the APRCWA was formally established. It was formally trademarked on June 10, 1998, and remains so today.

Initially, the RCMP Community Policing Logo was used as a way of identifying the participation of the Rural Crime Watch Program in the RCMP Community Policing Program. As the Rural Crime Watch Program is still primarily mandated under RCMP “K” Division, as a part of their Community Policing Program, this logo appears on all signage and promotional material.

As the RCMP is an integral partner of the APRCWA and the Rural Crime Watch Program, the horse and rider logo is a representation of this commitment.

Being the Farmer’s Advocate Office was also involved in the initial setup, and is still a strong supporter of the Rural Crime Watch Program in Alberta, their logo was also included.

Considering the base reason for the start of Rural Crime Watch (aka Range Patrol) was initiated due to cattle producers, in part of the Province ,wanting to take steps to reduce the incidents of cattle rustling , and given Rural Crime Watch started with farm based members, it is only fitting the Alberta Cattle Producers logo be part and parcel of the APRCWA logo.

Now through the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Department, the Fish and Wildlife Department and the Report a Poacher Program are also synonymous with Rural Crime Watch in Alberta.

The circular shape and Rural Crime Watch Banner tie these Agencies and Partners together to support the Rural Crime Watch Program in Alberta. While each have their own mandate and area of expertise, their contributions past and present are greatly appreciated.


Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association will strive to promote rural crime prevention through communication, programs and support.


Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association will be leaders in crime prevention by building relationships through promotion, community involvement and identifying future needs with effective communication and promotion.”



We believe that we will only be successful when we earn the trust of each of us on the Board and our members through consistently fulfilling their needs and keeping our promises.


We rely on knowledge, dedication and team work to be leaders in crime prevention.


We make the effort to understand the needs of each Board member and our general membership and their communities, so that we can deliver relevant and meaningful support.


We conduct ourselves with openness and candor in all aspects of our work, through behavior that reflects honesty, responsibility and fairness. We are forthright and truthful in our interactions with others.


We seek to reduce crime in all Alberta, maintaining strong ties with the RCMP.


Our organization is modern and provides value for our members and Alberta’s population in a changing society.


We remain effective and efficient by prioritizing and focusing our efforts at a Board level to prevent crime in rural areas.