Community Assisted Policing Through Use of Recorded Evidence

What is the CAPTURE Program?

Community Assisted Policing Through Use of Recorded Evidence or CAPTURE is a new program where residents and businesses with video surveillance can sign up to allow police officers to use the footage to assist during ongoing criminal investigations. 

The video cameras can be outdoors or indoors with an outdoor view.

Through the CAPTURE mapping program, when a crime occurs, officers can instantly see which residences or businesses in nearby areas have security videos that may be useful in their investigation. 

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The Intention of the CAPTURE Program

When police are investigating a crime, they conduct neighbourhood inquiries to locate witnesses or closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage to assist the investigation. Identifying private citizen security camera locations through the CAPTURE Program shortens the time needed to conduct the inquiries and provides key information that could aid the investigation.

How Video Evidence Can Help

Through video footage, police can gather valuable evidence that can be used to identify suspected criminals and potentially prosecute them. Surveillance footage can corroborate eyewitness testimony or help investigators to find more accurate information. The footage captured by your security cameras can also help law enforcement build a criminal case.

There is a simple way to make your community safer and support local law enforcement.

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