Fabulous Symposium

Everyone just got back from a fabulous weekend in Grande Prairie attending the 2020 Annual Rural Crime Symposium. We (the APRCWA board of directors) want to start out with a big Kudos to the Grand Prairie group for putting on such a great event. They said Mary deserves most of the credit, as one attendee put it Mary was the lead team member and the rest of the team got in behind to pull it together, across the finish line.

Also want to thank the Pomeroy Hotel for their hospitality, the staff and venue were sure accommodating, and let’s not forget the food, when the food is great, life is good.

The speakers sure filled our heads, still pondering over a lot of it. The stories and antics from the Crown Prosecutor, helped us understand the court and bail system, that tied in with the RCMP’s work being done to target prolific offenders, tied the whole picture together. Then after supper, Tom Watson gave us an inspirational speech that has us thinking about the how the choices we make, are our life.

Our ATTIDUTES + our ACTIONS = OUR LIFE. Tom closed the evening out with counting the 100 grateful things we experience every day. His comic Anecdote was. “Wow hoo” I woke up this morning, didn’t pee the bed and I know who she is sleeping beside me, that’s Three.

Again, thank you to everyone who attended, the Grande Prairie group and the Pomeroy Hotel and staff. The AGM is our celebration of all the work everyone does for Crime Prevention in Alberta.

February 24, 2020