Poster Contest

We are presenting the 40th Annual Poster Contest winners today.

We had 13 Associations participate in the contest & all of them have winners provincially. 26 associations received calendars as well as Fish & Wildlife and RCMP offices across the province.

There is a certificate available for the associations to do up for local winners not moving on to the provincial level (attached)…Come see me if you would like to be emailed this certificate.

The calendars with these winners will go into production in June 2020 & be ready for distribution to compliant membership renewed associations starting early to mid-August. You will be contacted via email or telephone to out if your association would to receive calendars. Then within a month I hope to have them out to all of the associations – the calendar will run September 2020 to August 2021. The calendars are 1st come 1st serve so if I don’t hear from your association by the 20th of September you will miss out on the calendars as I do not want them sitting around not being used.

And now for the winners: Poster Contest Winners

Thank you everyone for participating in the poster contest & helping to get the calendars into the RCW communities across Alberta – come see me after the meeting to pick up the winner’s 1st place plaques, cheques & Frisbees.

February 26, 2020