Latest Scam

Latest Scam involving your SIN

Please be aware of the latest scam informing you that your SIN number is under investigation. Usually starting with a "625" number You are asked to press 1 or legal action will be taken. Please remember No Government will ask for sensitive information over the phone.

Please inform those that are vulnerable (people living alone or seniors etc) that it is a scam.

Never give your SIN number out over the phone or via the internet.

What to do if you were scammed?

If you suspect you may be the victim of fraud or have been tricked into giving personal or financial information, contact your local police service.

If your social insurance number (SIN) has been stolen, you should contact Service Canada at 1-866-274-6627. For more information, see Social Insurance Number (Service Canada website).

You should contact the CRA if you:

think your CRA user ID or the password you use in personal dealings with the CRA has been compromised.

want to disable online access to your information on the CRA login services.

want to re-activate online access to your information after it has been disabled.

If the CRA has confirmed that a taxpayer's information has been compromised, the Agency will act to prevent the fraudulent use of the information involving systems and processes for which the CRA is responsible.

Call the CRA at 1-800-959-8281 for individuals and 1-800-959-5525 for businesses to request that enhanced security measures be placed on your account. These measures will ensure CRA call centre agents ask additional security questions to determine a caller’s identity.

To inform our crime watch members: please be aware of this vehicle of a repeat known offender.

July 27, 2020