RAVE Opt-In for Community Watch Advisories from Alberta RCMP

What is RAVE?

RAVE is a web based communication platform that RCMP officers are mandated to fan out real time alerts to community members in Alberta. Alerts are operational and educational in nature. They might look like BOLOs (Be On the Look Out), Crime Prevention, Victim Services, and District reports. Alerts are sent via email, text message or phone call – preference is on the account user.

What are the Benefits?

This communication can strengthen partnerships between volunteers associations and police. Community members can assist police and be a useful resource to their local detachment and their respective community. RAVE will also be a useful educational tool for Crime Prevention and Victim Services information. Information is trusted and received in real time.

RAVE Opt-In Instructions

1. Sign Up

  • All volunteers wanting to receive alerts must sign up to RAVE. Open the Login & Sign-Up Portal in a browser of your choice, and then left click on the green ‘sign up now’ button.

2. Create Account

  • A new page will open and ask for your first name, last name, email address, User ID, a unique password, phone number, and phone type. Fill in all information. DO NOT INCLUDE A GROUP CODE; this does not apply to anyone.
  • User ID = Your Email Address
  • To be able to utilize RAVE you must agree to the Terms & Conditions by checking off the adjacent box to the left.
  • Then, left click on ‘create account’ button:

3. Confirm Your Phone Number

  • The system will need to confirm that your phone number is correct. Click on ‘Confirm Phone Call’, answer your phone and press 1 on the dial pad.
  • If you cannot confirm at that time you can click on ‘Schedule a Later Call’. It is encouraged to do this now, if you never confirm your number you will not receive alerts to that number.

4. Alert Opt-In

  • Select whether you would like to receive alerts via phone or email, or both, by left clicking on the associated box.
    • NOTE: It is recommended that both be enabled as detachments may have a preferable method to share alerts. For instance, if a user only has enabled their email address and the detachment only sends out alerts via text/call, then this user will not receive alerts.
  • A list of all detachments in Alberta will be present with three boxes for text, voice and email. To reset the checked off detachments, click on the box to the LEFT of ‘Alberta RCMP Notifications’

  • To subscribe to Citizen Watch Advisories in your area (also known as Alerts), find your local detachment and click on the box to the LEFT. Users can choose as many detachments as they wish.
  • Once all detachments are decided, scroll to the bottom of this same page and click the green ‘save’ button to the left of the screen.

If all four steps are complete, the RAVE User Opt-In account is created.

Logout at the top right of the User Profile Screen.


Functions for RAVE Users

Once the account has been setup, the user has access to several functions within their account.
The tabs are found at the top of the RAVE user account when signed in.

Profile Tab

This is where users can make edits to their profile; add people/household members, or home addresses. Adding people or the home address is not necessary but is up to the user preference.

Alerts Tab

This tab allows the user to see which detachments they are opt-in to. It also allows the user to make edits to who they receive alerts from and how they are received.

Account Settings Tab

The account settings tab is where users edit their phone number, email address, and name. It is also where the user would go if they wish to deactivate their account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my account deactivate on its own?

No. The only way a user can lose access Citizen Watch Advisories is if they delete their account on their end.

How do I delete my account if I am no longer interested in receiving Alerts?

Log onto your RAVE account through the link. Click on Account Settings. Then Click on Remove Account. Confirm your password, then click unsubscribe.

Where can I find technical support if I am having trouble logging in, receiving Alerts, or deleting my account?

RAVE offers technical support via phone (toll-free) 1-888-605-7164, or by email techsupport(at)ravemobilesafety.com. You will need to identify that you are a volunteer with the Alberta RCMP and use the OPT-IN feature to receive Citizen Watch Advisories.

What if I am concerned about the privacy of my information shared with RAVE?

Users can review RAVE’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in the below links. If a user does not agree to the terms then they are free not to opt-in or delete their account at any time.