Top Five Scams in Alberta

Believe it, one of the top five scams in Alberta in 2019 was Cannabis Investment Scams. Tied to that as well are Affinity Scams, people you know and trust offering investments that are scams. These types of Scams have the common theme, high rates of returns with low risk. When it comes from someone you know and trust, it legitimizes it more. Everyone remembers the BRE-X gold mine scandal, a perfect example of this kind of fraud that bilked $6 Billion dollars from investors. Be wary of any get rich quick schemes, and if you are thinking about investing take the time to check them out. Check is a good resource for checking out the legitimacy of investments. The old saying, “If its to good to be true it likely is”.

Here is a good little news clip to watch from Global news on Affinity Frauds and a couple of links with more information Along with a link on the BRE-X Scandal, for those of you that don"t remeber the mess and anguish it created

March 09, 2020