Safety Tips: Personal Security

Safety Tips: Personal Security

Personal Security involves taking steps to keep yourself safe and protecting yourself from situations that could be potentially violent or criminal. Personal Security is so important because property can be replaced but YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE. Awareness is an important part of crime prevention. Together, with local RCMP detachments, we create a strong awareness and presence of the law and help reduce crime.

Personal Security involves recognizing, anticipating, and accessing the risk of a crime occurring. Being aware of your surroundings at all times, and not placing yourself in situations that might jeopardize your safety. Remember, suspects can be very unpredictable and may have weapons. When in doubt, call the police for assistance. Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, below are some tips to remember if you are ever in an unfortunate situation where your personal safety is at risk.

If you are ATTACKED:

  • Call the police as soon as you are able to.
  • Be assertive, sometimes this can be enough to deter an attack.
  • Head towards a group of people.
  • Cause a scene, scream, run away.
  • Only you can decide to resist or not.
  • Try and obtain as much of a description of the attacker(s) as you can. This includes: (Ethnicity, approximate height and weight, hair colour, approximate age, scars/marks/tattoos, or any other distinctive features such as piercings, clothing description)
  • Ask yourself the following questions: did the attacker have an accent? Were any weapons used? Did he/she leave in a vehicle or on foot? Which direction did they leave?
  • If the attacker is UNARMED, employ basic self-defence techniques. Kick, bite, scratch, and punch the attacker, target the throat, eyes, face, knees, and groin.
  • If the attacker is ARMED, comply with the attackers demands. A thief normally wants money, give it to them.

Tips while walking alone:

  • Plan your route, avoid shortcuts through vacant lots, unlit areas, or parks.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, know what is going on around you, and exactly where you are.
  • Limit distractions such as texting, talking on your phone or listening to loud music.
  • Carry a cell phone with you in case of an emergency.
  • Use assertive body language and walk with confidence, keep your head up.
  • Always carry identification.
  • Do not carry large sums of money or valuables.
  • Use cross-walks.
  • Wear bright clothing.
  • Carry a flashlight at night.
  • Walk facing traffic, never assume a driver has seen you.
  • If a vehicle stops, do not approach it unless you feel safe to do so, even then do not approach too closely.
  • Have your keys ready when you get into your car. Check your seat before entering and then drive away as soon as safe to do so. Predators have an opportunity to approach you if you sit in your car.
  • Report suspicious people and or vehicles to police as soon as possible

Friendly Reminders

Report crime online!

The RCMP are encouraging all Albertans to report eligible crimes online (select property crimes under $5,000). Reporting less serious crimes online helps emergency dispatch and frontline members focus their time on high-priority calls. It provides a convenient way to share photos to the RCMP as well. These reports assist in crime analysis, aid in establishing trends and patterns, and ultimately leads investigators to the chronic offenders. It also assists in making decisions about how and where to deploy resources. Crimes reported online will be taken just as seriously as crime reported in any other way.  

Help reduce crime, report online! #ReportSmart

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July 29, 2021