The Risk Going Forward

The Risk Going Forward

I received this risk assesment the other day and thought it was worth posting. Everywhere we go we see a variety of ways people are dealing with Covid and going into phase 2 and beyond a person wonders what is a safe life style going to look at. There is some good information here from experts and backed by science.

Summer activities – ranking the risk

  • Summer is nearly here, and we all have an overwhelming desire to get out and enjoy summer activities, but many of us are wary of the new reality. Here is how some experts rate activities according to risk!
  • Low risk: Outdoor exercise such as walking, hiking, cycling and jogging; golf and tennis are safer than contact sports such as basketball and football; camping; BYO backyard gathering with one other household that has followed social distancing, even going to a vacation house with another family, but avoid sharing food, drinks or utensils.
  • Medium risk: staying at a hotel; using a public restroom that looks clean, well ventilated and is well stocked with supplies; even getting a haircut is regarded as medium to high risk.
  • High risk: eating indoors at a restaurant – try and get a table outdoors and make sure there is ample spacing and access to sanitizers; attending indoor religious services; outdoor celebrations such as a wedding with more than 10 guests, especially with the inevitable drinking and social interaction; going to a nightclub or a busy pub; indoor exercise facilities; air travel.

Office space

  • There has been lots of speculation about the future of office space in light of future social distancing protocols, with work-from-home scenarios becoming a viable option. Many tech companies have even announced that 100% of their staff will work from home.
  • We at Legacy Family Office are a client-facing service model, and meeting with our clients face-to-face is here to stay, whether in person or by virtual reality. We plan to welcome you back into our boardrooms in both our Vancouver and Surrey offices when the time is appropriate.

June 04, 2020