Message from RCMP K Division

Message from RCMP K Division

I hope you and families are coping well and healthy given the pandemic that is impacting us all right now. These are challenging times, and I know all of us are living in a new reality that we have never experienced before.

I also want to thank you all for your continued efforts with Rural Crime Watch. Your group had gained a lot of momentum this year and I thank you for that work. You are a big part of our network and I appreciate the time you take to help keep your neighbours and communities safe.

Despite this pandemic and stay at home orders, crime is still occurring in our province. I can share with you that our call volume has decreased slightly, but our crime trends have not changed significantly. Your volunteerism is always very valuable to the RCMP and we will look forward to you carrying on with your efforts when our worlds return to a more normal state. Priorities in times like these change. I hope you are all able to focus on the health and well being of yourself and your loved ones in this situation.

I know many of you have continued to give your time to Rural Crime Watch throughout this. Though you aren’t able to continue your volunteerism in the same fashion as you were, I am thankful for your continued watchfulness. It really shows your great dedication to the safety of your neighbours and Albertans alike. Thank you for continuing to support our organization.

In the future, I am hopeful we will all be able to resume our normal daily lives, and when that time comes, I’m hopeful I can continue to count on you and your volunteerism with Rural Crime Watch.

Take care and stay healthy,


April 14, 2020