Covid and You

I know we have talked about this previuosly, but I think this is serious enough to warrant another review. The style and types of fraud coming out of this Covid pandemic are continually evolving, as they scheme up ways of trying to part us from our money. We need to be ever more vigilante, especially when alot of us are struggling finacially. We are all trying to squeeze a nickel out of a penny as they say. The one I dislike the most is, You have money coming from the government and click on the link, or send personal information to receive it. This scam has three tell tale signs, Them preying on emotions and hardship, wanting you to click on a link in your email and wanting personal information. Attached is a good link from the Anti Fraud Center of Canada with all the latest that they know of and report on. We are going to be OK and we will get through this. Reminds me alot of the 80's. Stay safe, stay well.

Canada Anti Fraud Centre

March 31, 2020