Back to School

The last Segment of the Back to School Financial series. This is where your decisions set the path for your future.

Set Goals. Just like in school, setting achievable goals will help you conquer that next milestone. Pay off debt? Save more money? Put away for emergency fund? These are great goals but in order to be successful in meeting them, goals need to be specific, realistic and measurable. Instead try “Pay off $3,000 of debt by the end of 2021” and map out how you will do it.

Be flexible. School today is very different than last year, and you can think about your finances in the same way. Situations change, and as they do, adjust your financial plans, budget and goals accordingly.

A bell isn’t going to ring to let you know you need to learn more about your financial future; it’s up to you to decide when to head back to school and build your own financial know-how. We might not know what the year will bring, but being proactive about our financial knowledge and planning for the future may alleviate some stress. It may just help you sleep better at night and give you one less thing to think about as you tackle all the other demands in your life.

For more information on increasing your financial knowledge, making wise investments, learning about budgeting, how to check registration and how to talk to a financial adviser visit It is chock-full of helpful tools and resources.

October 19, 2020