Reporting Scams

December 03, 2018

Where to report with the increasing amount of scam emails

Report scams or frauds to the CAFC Fraud Reporting System

1 888 495 8501 and

9:00AM to 4:45 PM EST

Fraud can now be reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC) through a new, easy to use, Fraud Reporting System (FRS). You can log into the tool using either:
•GC Key (User ID/Password)
•Sign-In Partners (Banking Credentials)

A GCKey account or a Sign-In Partners login uses unique electronic credentials that allow you to communicate securely with the Government of Canada.

This new login is a federal government mandate and all Government of Canada on-line services are to be delivered through the GCKey or Sign-In Partners, providing increased levels of privacy and security for users. By offering a choice of credentials, the Government of Canada is making its online services more convenient and easier to use. Many individuals already use their online banking credentials regularly and being able to use these same credentials to access Government of Canada services online will simply mean one less User ID and password to remember.

Please note: The Fraud Reporting System has a timeout feature that will log you out if there is no activity within 20 consecutive minutes. . No data will be lost but you will not be able to log back into the application to complete your complaint. If you require additional information to be added to your complaint, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center for further assistance.