Wise Owl: Keeping Seniors Informed & Safe

August 17, 2023

Approximately 10% of seniors in Canada are victims of crime each year, based on the 2004 General Social Survey on Victimization. The majority of the crimes that target seniors are often property related versus violent crimes.

Seniors are often the victims of crime because they are more isolated. They have no one to turn to when there is a problem or a way to learn how to identify scams. Technology and the types of crimes have also advanced significantly since they were younger.

The senior citizens of rural Alberta needed a program to bring new education in crime prevention. That is why the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association developed the Wise Owl Program.

What is Wise Owl?

The Wise Owl Program provides information on scams and other crimes that target senior citizens, including telemarketing, identity theft, investment fraud, credit or debt fraud, and elder abuse. They are also given the tools to use the Internet and emails safely.

The Wise Owl program is an invaluable resource designed to equip seniors with the necessary knowledge and tools to protect themselves from scams. The main goals of the Wise Owl program is:

  • To prevent crime through community awareness
  • To involve community members
  • To build a safer community through education and empowerment

This program also allows us to build a sense of community and support for senior citizens. They have access to resources while also connecting with others in their community that are interested in preventing crime.

With assistance from the RCMP, the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association, and the Government of Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security, we are able to bring the Wise Owl Program to rural Alberta communities. It is also thanks to our dedicated volunteers that we can help educate seniors. Our volunteers undergo comprehensive fraud and crime prevention training provided by APRCWA.

The Wise Owl program is administered throughout the province of Alberta and is available to members free of charge.

Wise Owl Presentations

We are able to offer Wise Owl presentations through all of Alberta’s rural communities thanks to our trained and knowledgeable volunteers. By arranging a Wise Owl presentation, you are demonstrating a commitment to the well-being and safety of seniors in your area. These presentations offer a variety of benefits, including:

Education: Seniors gain an understanding of common scams and fraud tactics, enabling them to recognize them and avoid becoming a victim.

Empowerment: Equipping seniors with the knowledge they need to protect themselves empowers them to navigate the world online and make informed decisions confidently.

Prevention: Wise Owl presentations significantly reduce the likelihood of seniors becoming victims of scams, ensuring a safer community for everyone.

Support: By hosting a Wise Owl presentation, you support the valuable work carried out by the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association and contribute to the fight against fraud.

If you would like to arrange a Wise Owl presentation, download our request form on the Presentations page in the Member Area. You can still schedule a Wise Owl presentation if you are not a member of Alberta Rural Crime Watch; just email us at aprcwa(at)ruralcrimewatch.ab.ca. We can work with you to educate seniors in your area.

Become a Wise Owl Volunteer

Volunteering for the Wise Owl Program offers a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of seniors within our communities. When you share your knowledge and expertise, you can help protect vulnerable individuals from becoming victims of scams. Additionally, volunteering with the program allows you to enhance your own understanding of fraud prevention, develop valuable communication skills, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for preventing crime.

The Wise Owl program relies on dedicated volunteers to make an impact on the lives of seniors. By volunteering, you can directly contribute to their safety and well-being, helping them avoid financial losses and emotional distress.

If you would like to become a volunteer Wise Owl presenter, email us at aprcwa(at)ruralcrimewatch.ab.ca

The Wise Owl Program is an initiative that helps protect seniors from scams, fraud and other crimes. By promoting the program, booking presentations for your local community groups and businesses, and volunteering as a presenter, we can create a safer community for seniors and empower them with the knowledge they need to stay one step ahead of scammers.

You can also sign up for our monthly newsletters to find information on fraud and other crimes that may impact you and those in your community.

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