Tracing APP

May 08, 2020

Alberta is moving into a new phase of COVID 19 management, starting to expand our world so we can get a haircut and go to the lake, maybe take in a round of golf. The key component to this is going to be, as they say, “Flatten the Curve“or keep it Flat might be a better term. Going forward it is going to be important to keep the numbers down and not overwhelm the health care system. One of the key components to this is tracking the virus in the community and being able to isolate outbreaks quickly. There is an APP the government is launching that records information when you come within 2 meters of another person using the APP. If you were to test positive you could allow the APP to notify anyone you were in contact with that they have been exposed. Check out the link and consider downloading the APP. It is one thing we can do to help the frontline staff and keep this Pandemic contained. I look forward to the day we can travel Alberta again.

Tracing APP Download