Trace Pen

February 12, 2020

Crime prevention consists of two main parts, communities being active and reporting suspiciuous activity and the back half, making your properties less desirable for criminal activity. A big stumbling block for the RCMP is proving that items they come accross are actually stolen. A lot of stolen "stuff" goes unreported, and we don't keep serial numbers etc. to identify property. This has a couple of effects, charges are affected, theft over $5000 or under, and of course returning property to it's owners. The RCMP are really starting to promote and encourage the use of Trace Pens to mark your tools and equipment.

The pens are a cheap identifier and when used with signage on your premises become a good deterent. Anything we can do to make our homes less desirable to criminals is going to help you from being a victim. Lets take the time to learn how to "target harden" our properties and hopefully not become a victim. Attached are two links, the news Article and the Trace Pen website where you can order your pens. There is also more information on the website.

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Trace Pen

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