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Even in rural communities like ours, crime still occurs. However, you can have the tools and knowledge to make your community, rural property and family feel safer. The best way to prevent crime is by joining the Alberta Rural Crime Prevention Community, which provides awareness and resources to reduce opportunities for criminals.

Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch offers a free monthly newsletter that offers valuable information on crime trends in rural Alberta communities and how to prevent crime.


Property Crime Prevention

You could leave your rural property open to property crimes with equipment and vehicles sitting out in the yard and unlocked doors. Find valuable tips on how to deter criminals from targeting your rural property.

Personal Safety & Security

Personal Security is important because property can be replaced, but you are irreplaceable. We are sharing information on how your safety may be affected and how you can keep yourself and your family safe.

Scams and Online Safety

As more businesses and our personal lives move online, the more likely we are at risk of becoming a victim of online scams. In our e-newsletter, we share information on the latest online scams and how to spot them.

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