Trace Pen

The Alberta RCMP and Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association have teamed up with Citizens on Patrol to announce a new program,


This program encourages all Albertans to lockup their valuables, tools and possessions, and mark these belongs with an identifiable mark made by a Trace Pen. If the RCMP recover any stolen property, they will have the ability to read an invisible mark, which contains a code that, when registered, will identify you as the owner of the item.


The trace pens are available to RCW members at a 25% discount by entering the code RURALCW in the discount code tab and you will be able to purchase a pen at $29.99+ shipping and GST.

Remember shake the pen well before use, to evenly distribute the micro dots, and to apply the clear water-soluble material to a flat surface, that is accessible and not in an area that receives harsh abrasive treatment like a bumper on a quad. Once dry, the application will harden to a clear line on an object.

Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch is continuing to engage in programs that will provide tools to all Albertans to make our communities safer.